eRealAnalyzer: Online Tool To Analyze Your Investment Properties

eRealAnalyzer is a useful online tool that analyzes real estate to provide investors with useful data points on a given property. The data that eReal Analyzer provides is quite comprehensive, including data on projected cash flow, your equity in 10 years, comparable home prices in the area, estimated property taxes, Cap rate and other statistics from their extensive national database of 400,000 properties. You can search for properties in a location you are interested in, and then discover investment data that you normally wouldn't see in a typical property search site.

You can also add variables like down payment percentage and property management costs and eReal Analyzer will recalculate data points based on these variables. Additionally, you can compare different properties across the data to help determine how the different investment opportunities you are considering stack up against each other in terms of projected profit. Full access to all tools costs $17.95 for a monthly subscription or $99.95 for the annual plan. You can also analyze a single property for a one-time fee of 99 cents.

From the eRealAnalyzer site:

eRealAnalyzer™ is a patent-pending Web-based real estate search and analysis application. It is the real estate industry's first browser-based, integrated financial analysis solution. eRealAnalyzer enables prospective buyers of your listed properties to visualize and compare alternative property ownership financial metrics with a single click.

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