Estately: A Real Estate Website After This Forgetful Girl’s Own Heart

There’s always talk in the blogosphere about the elimination of the MLS. While no one can say for certain that it’s going to happen, there are several websites stepping up and launching platforms to provide many of the same resources as the MLS–some even bigger and better.

One such site, Seattle-based Estately offers functionality that users may be accustomed to: area comps, saved searches, listing details, neighborhood specs (including school information) and maps.

But pay attention. Estately's unique features could play a small part in the eventual wave of sites that may eventually overtake the MLS.

One such feature caught my eye: the ability for (forgetful) users to tag properties for the future. “Keeper,” “watch this one” and “no way--stinky cat pee” are all terms that one may find useful in remembering specific details about properties. Users can then search Estately’s database of homes as well as their own archived lists by using these tags. This is useful for people who like sticky notes and strings on fingers and things of that nature (ahem).

Additional search functionality allows users to search by selling term. For example, the search term "short sale" will bring up several Seattle short sale listings. Try the same for the term "motivated seller" and you’ll see 10 times the amount of listings. Pretty cool for the niche investor.

Agent match is a great tool that they are developing for buyers to be matched with the right type of agent for their needs.

Another two reasons I like Estately:

  1. One of the owners (and resident blogger) and I share an affinity for the best bar in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood.

  2. No ads. How refreshing.

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