Wave-Powered Boat Sails Nearly 4,000 Miles

These days, people are quick to jump on solar-powered housing, so why not a wave-powered boat?

69-year old Kenichi Horie has set sail for his second trip from Hawaii to Japan on a wave-powered boat. His maiden voyage in 1996 took place on a solar-powered boat made of aluminum beer cans, much like this one.

The journey—which would take an average yacht a little over a week—will take Horie over two months. He plans to power the electrical equipment (including a microwave) on his boat with solar panels. Momentum is achieved by two panels at the front of the boat, which allow waves to propel him forward.

He plans to carry rice, microwaveable meals and canned food. Oh, and beer. Only the necessities.
Horie’s hope is that his clean-sailing trip will encourage the shipping industry to adopt green habits at sea. Though on a small scale, his trip is proof that it can be done.

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