HomeGain Launches Agent Blog Platform

Last month, HomeGain, an online real estate marketing company, announced the launch of their new blogging platform for customers of real estate agents.

HomeGain’s Source4Sellers marketing system allows agents to sign up as bloggers on the network and to post their contact information and profiles for consumers seeking real estate.

Users searching for homes in a particular neighborhood will see a display of blogs related to that neighborhood or area from agents working there. Consumers then have the option to contact agents directly from the website through their blog.

Since HomeGain is known in the industry as a lead-generation and sales tool, the blog provides an identifiable way out of that niche by allowing agents to receive some of the web traffic that would otherwise be reserved for HomeGain’s site.

Many other service provider blog programs allow agents to communicate only with other agents, but this tool, designed for the consumers use, is intended to allow direct interaction between agent and consumer, giving agents another way to market themselves and gain exposure to the right buyers.

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May 19, 2008 at 2:29 PM Jessica said...

I think HomeGain's Agent Blog concept is great - for both the realtor and consumer. I've seen seen how sleek it is for the consumer (an all-in-one get the value of your home plus more neighborhood info, plus realtor info who helps you even further). And I've also seen how easy it is for the realtor -- particularly great for real estate agents who haven't jumped into the blog world yet. I say good for HomeGain in bringing the social networking aspect further into real estate!

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