Dubai World: Developing The Modern World In The Image Of Dubai

Just over a couple of decades ago, Dubai was a proverbial ghost-town with an economy almost solely reliant on a tiny supply of oil. But today, with a 20% GDP increase in 2006 and significant economic development thanks to its ports, Dubai is now considered one of the world’s busiest marketplaces for development and international commerce.

This article from CNN money, claims that Dubai World, a holding company with over 100 billion dollars in assets including retail, port operators and real estate developers, is seeking to develop ports and cities on par with Dubai throughout the world.

What does this mean for investors?

There is big investment potential in underdeveloped coastal and port cities. What may have once been small shipping, import and export ports may now become prime building ground for luxury hotels, resorts and commercial real estate.

Considering the rags to riches story that Dubai has to tell, investors should keep a close eye on Dubai World, and the places that they are considering for real estate development.

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